Discover How Old You REALLY Are with TruAge™


What is TruAge™

TruAge™ is the most accurate, revolutionary, biological age predictor. Biological age is a measurement of your age, based on various biomarkers.
Using state-of-the-art technology and a powerful algorithm, we are able to look at specific locations on your DNA, allowing us to predict your biological age!
TruAge™ is now available at HWH and can be delivered straight to your doorstep!

How can I Determine my Biological Age?

Everyone knows their chronological age. Chronological age is the number of candles that are on top of your cake and the birthdays you celebrate (or sometimes don’t!). However, developments in science have created another measurement of age called biologic or epigenetic age. Unlike chronological age, this measurement of age is based on years of statistical research and provides much more relevant health information. It can tell us how healthy you are and even when you might pass away. TruAge™ uses biomarkers on your DNA called methylation.


All you have to do is send in a small blood sample!

Your biological age is more accurate at predicting health span (how healthy you are) and lifespan (how long you will live) than any previous molecular biomarker, and can be correlated to almost any health factor such as physical fitness, socioeconomic status, and drug use history. Ideally, everyone would want their biological age to be less than their chronological age. This means that you are living a lifestyle that is healthy and will help you stay free of sickness and disease longer! If you could reverse your risk of age-related disease and avoid sickness, wouldn’t you want to know how?

How does this package work?

This is a ONE year package, it’s a great add on to your hormone optimization package.

How it works.

  1. You will need 2 kits. One for now, and a second for testing how far you have come over the course of a year. Since it’s genetics and DNA doesn’t change why are we retesting? Because this is EPIGENETIC’s, that means we are turning OFF genes that cause aging, metabolic syndromes and so much more. We test the biomarkers that predict what’s to come.
  2. Both kits will be shipped to you at the time of ordering, so be sure to place that second one somewhere safe. Return shipping is done once you are ready to ship your kit. We suggest sending it just like regular mail (with tracking of course). You can use FedEx or other similar shipping methods. Just as long as you have tracking.
  3. Fees are processed at the time of ordering, our admin team will reach out to you to confirm that you have received the credit card form (it is linked in this portal). Once you have completed this (it’s encrypted to ensure safety), we will process the fees for both kits, plus shipping to you.
  4. Once you receive your kits you will want to register the first kit right away. Follow the instructions and send the sample back to the lab.
  5. Be sure to let us know you have sent in your sample so we can keep an eye out for those results. We will be processing your fee to review the results at this time. All fees are listed below (subject to change without notice).
  6. We’ll get you scheduled for your session with Holly to review your results and put together a game plan for the upcoming year.
  7. We will check in around the 6 month mark to see how you are doing, there will be a session at this point to ensure everything is going smoothly with lifestyle, herb, supplemental recommendations and of course your hormone optimization journey will be a part of the discussion.
  8. Around the 8 month mark we will check in and see if you want to use that 2nd test kit now or push through to the 12 month mark.

Cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Each kit is $499 + shipping – you will need two for this package.
  • Results review $175 for the first review (due when your kit is received by the lab)
  • Final review $175 (due when the results are received by the lab)
  • Want a bit of a discount? Request that we process your session fees at the same time as both your kits and save $50 (bringing each session review to $150)
  • Return shipping (cost determined at the time you send it back, you will be responsible for this).

TruAge Complete Reports Included:

  • OMICm Age (+36 biomarkers)
  • DunedinPACE
  • 12 Cell Immune
  • Telomere Length
  • Type Two Diabetes Risk
  • Inflammation
  • Mitotic Clock
  • Fitness Age
  • Smoking & Drinking
  • Weight Loss Response Report
  • Extrinsic & Intrinsic Age

What’s it all mean?

  • My birthday makes me _ years old, but how old is my body, biologically? (My OMICm Age)
  • What is my age-related risk of developing various diseases?
  • What is my age-related risk of death?
  • Strictly looking at performance biomarkers, how old am I from a physical fitness standpoint?
  • I have _ concentrations of various immune cells. How are those levels impacting my biological age?
  • For each calendar year that passes, how many years is my body actually aging?
  • How long are my telomeres?
  • How does my relationship with alcohol consumption impact my DNA expression and aging processes?
  • According to my DNA expression, am I likely to lose weight from restricting my caloric intake?
  • How has my lifetime exposure to tobacco smoke impacted my DNA expression and aging processes?
  • What can I do to improve my age-related, biological metrics?



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