Pick My Brain



Ask me anything you want. We can cover as much a possible in a one hour period. We can come up with some easy to implement health strategies, future goals, and answer any questions you have – literally it’s whatever you like since it’s an hour just for you to pick my brain on an unofficial level.This isn’t a session so you better take notes cause I’m not sending over a protocol. It’s sort of like a consult but way more time. This is great for those who have met me in a FB group or other social media platform and have decided they want information I have, but don’t necessarily want to come on board as a patient.

You will get an hour of my time to pick my brain, have open discussions on options for treatment (even ones I do not offer). I will help guide you in the right direction if you wish to seek additional therapies or get even just to get a second opinion on something.

Nope I’m not going to access your lab work, this isn’t a session (as I mentioned above), it’s literally just to “pick my brain”- cause I get asked for this quite a bit.

Maybe you’ve decided you want more? It’s not too late to change your mind and grab an actual session + intake


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