Follow Up with Basic Prescriber + HWH

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What you will receive:

Session with protocol updates at discounted existing patient rate with Holly

Follow up labs, script adjustment for thyroid/hormones (BHRT) and session with the nurse practitioner. Additional protocols as required.

***Discounted follow-up rates apply to this specific package***

Please note: All sessions are conducted virtually, there are no in clinic sessions. Absolutely NO refunds, cancellation policy available at time of booking. 


This is for those who have had a session with Shannon specifically and labs. If you have seen both Holly and the nurse practitioner for a full master panel and now are looking to have a follow up then this is for you. This is not for those with the ADVANCED nurse practitioner Optimization Package. This is for patients existing prior to 2023.

Please note: You will have had to complete the full panel lab work, had both a session with Holly with protocol and also a session with the Shannon our low dose nurse practitioner, if you have not done so please be advised you will need to process through as a new patient. Our BASIC package is no longer available for new patients.


3 reviews for Follow Up with Basic Prescriber + HWH

  1. Anonymous cause if ya know ya know

    Giving this 5 stars
    Only because of Holly. She answered my questions in a way I could understand and listened to what I was saying. For those seeing Holly, remember you came to see her she’s the one who’s got the crazy clinical training. It no wonder people love her work. If you are feeling like you aren’t being heard like I was by her nurse practitioner don’t be afraid to speak up. Holly immediately switched me over to her optimizer. She usually reserves her MD for her menopause patients but she agreed it was probably a better fit. I’m now being heard. I have a better dose of hormone and feel way better overall. Not to say her nurse practitioner isn’t good. She’s just not great and I really needed great.

  2. Anonymous please

    Happy I added Holly to this package. I’ve been a patient for about a year and a half and was only seeing the nurse practitioner for the past little bit. I felt like everything was on track, but Holly noticed that I wasn’t getting the improvement she would like to see so I was scheduled for a session with her. Even when she’s not seeing me I know she is monitoring my stuff. She decided it was time to swap me to someone who was more into optimization. I’m not saying her nurse practitioner wasn’t good, bit the basic package was not about optimization so it was time to switch. I’m now with Holly’s advanced prescriber and so happy.

  3. Layla

    Holly is great. Switched over to an optimization package. My advice is to start with that. It’s worth the extra money

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