Who is Holly Warner?

Holly Warner is a Functional and Restorative Medicine Practitioner with a strong foundation in Integrative Medicine. She holds additional certifications in and Medical Cannabinoid Therapy as well as hormone imbalances, bHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy), thyroid/gut/adrenal health, autoimmune disease, LDN therapy and clinical nutrition based on your own unique genetics.

She understands how lifestyle factors, stress and day to day tasks can alter your digestion, and with it your delicate thyroid/hormone balance, affecting performance in the workplace and home-life.

As a clinician, Holly’s approach is rooted in science and combined with a modern holistic perspective. She discusses practical ways to take care of your mind and body for both the short and the long-term while optimizing your nutrition for your own individual vitality. 

Holly is also a dynamic and passionate speaker who is committed to cutting through the media hysteria and providing you with the most up to date health information. She is an award-winning clinical nutritionist who has been honoured for her work in hormones as well as autoimmune therapy while being a patient advocate. 

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What is functional medicine and why do I need it?

Functional medicine is the approach that has both allopathic as well as holistic aspects. It isn’t a one or the other approach, we need a blend of all the best treatment options. From comprehensive lab testing to lifestyle factors.

What is restorative medicine and how can it help?

Restorative Medicine focuses on the importance of a balanced endocrine system through recognizing how the different chemical messengers influence each other. Stabilizing the endocrine system as a whole, rather than treating a single individual hormone, helps to optimize health and promote longevity. The ultimate goal of Restorative Medicine is to reduce or eliminate the need for ongoing medical treatment, when possible, by truly restoring health at its core.

With a strong medical education, additional studies in endocrine system disorders, with an emphasis on therapeutic approaches for treating hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, adrenal dysfunction, and dysregulation, as well as male and female hormonal imbalances – Holly has made it her goal to master each corner of healthcare needed to optimize her patients outcome.

Meet the team!

Holly has a built a team of experts from across the globe, from MD’s, nurse practitioners, world recognized geneticists, research scientists and cannabinoid experts as well as compounding pharmacists.  You will never be without a treatment option, and you won’t be left hanging. We are here to be patient advocates – YOUR advocate. This means a lot more YES and a lot less no… because you deserve the answers you so desperately seek and the tests you know you should be getting so you can get the care you expect. Our medical system might have failed you, but you can be certain we won’t!