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Stop searching for band aid solutions, go deeper by getting to the root of what is going on inside your body. Do it naturally. Enjoy the life you were meant to live. With our functional telemedicine approach to wellness through comprehensive diagnostic tools, we find the root cause of your health problems, as we tailor a program just for you. You are unique, your healthcare should be too.

Specializing in custom treatment plans with supportive protocols, thyroid and hormone balancing, gut health, autoimmune conditions, LDN Therapy, Cannabinoid Therapy and functional genetic testing. We offer a wide range of nutritional services unlike your typical meal plan – from forensic nutrition to clinical nutrition, these aren’t your typical nutritional therapies.

Affiliate of the Trubalance Healthcare Inc. (Canada) Bioidentical Hormone Network   

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Cravings and Carnivore

Something I commonly hear from patients on carnivore as how surprised they are that their cravings vanished. They don’t crave dirty carbs or sweets anymore. I think that is part of what makes this WOE so easy to maintain. Part of the reason we crave less on... read more

Back To The Bitter Basics

See what I did there…. with the title? It’s my wild and wacky sense of humour. But seriously though back to basics does mean back to adding BITTERS into your life. We have been using bitters since the days of dawn and for good reason – our digestion... read more

Your Kidneys and Your Thyroid

Did you know our thyroid has a direct affect on our kidneys? Our kidneys are important when it comes to converting the inactive form T4 into the usable and active form T3… So not having a properly functioning kidneys could mean thyroid disease – as much as... read more

Tyrosine and Your Thyroid

I actually wanted to start this with the title Carnivore and Your Thyroid… but I didn’t want to put anyone off by the title. Tyrosine is an amino acid that our body needs to make thyroid hormones. While it is considered a non essential amino acid used to... read more

How Chewing Food Helps Your Thyroid

Did you know that our digestive process is more than just about food? From the first sight and scent of food we start to release enzymes that help the digestive process. Our enzymes trigger bile, and our bile triggers the release of an enzyme that converts our... read more

Why I’m Not A Fan Of CBD Isolate (With ONE Exception)

I recently had a patient come to me and say she purchased some CBD isolate of the internet, actually it was off some person on instagram – oh the late night scrolling gets us everytime. She wanted to know why it wasn’t working like the stuff she was using... read more

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Affiliate of the Trubalance Healthcare Inc. (Canada) Bioidentical Hormone Network   

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or toll free 1-833-477-0777
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