Functional & Restorative  Medicine


Stop searching for band aid solutions, go deeper by getting to the root of what is going on inside your body. Do it naturally. Enjoy the life you were meant to live. With our integrative, restorative and functional approach to wellness through comprehensive diagnostic tools, we find the root cause of your health problems, as we tailor a program just for you.

You are unique, your healthcare should be too.

Specializing in custom treatment plans with supportive protocols, thyroid and hormone balancing, gut health, autoimmune conditions, LDN Therapy, Cannabinoid Therapy and functional genetic testing. We offer a wide range of nutritional services unlike your typical meal plan – from forensic nutrition to clinical nutrition, these aren’t your typical nutritional therapies.

Affiliate of the Trubalance Healthcare Inc. (Canada) Bioidentical Hormone Network   

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Declining Estrogen and Chronic Pain

Oh, the aches and pains of getting older. What we should say is "Oh, the aches and pains of declining estrogen!" Our knees, shoulders (hint, it might not be frozen shoulder after all), our wrists - basically, all the parts of our body that have connective tissues. The...

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LDN, Issues With Fillers and The New Kid On The Block.

As a clinician who utilizes LDN therapy in clinic I have noticed a few things that ring true across the board. One of those is fillers cause issues. Since dealing with MCAS both personally and with many of my autoimmune patients, I can honestly say that quality...

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Holly Warner, CCNTP, IFMCP

+ Health Expert for The Human Microbiome
+ Hormone, Thyroid and Medical Cannabis Speaker
+ Helping thousands of patients across Canada, UK & the US get to the ROOT of what is going on.

Affiliate of the Trubalance Healthcare Inc. (Canada) Bioidentical Hormone Network   

“Give people an environment where their health can flourish instead of being suppressed”.

 What is Restorative Medicine?

Restorative Medicine focuses on the importance of a balanced endocrine system through recognizing how different chemical messengers influence each other. Stabilizing the endocrine system as a whole, rather than treating a single individual hormone, helps to optimize health and promote longevity. Holly has spent over a decade training in addition to her original degree. 

Holding additional certifications in:

  • Peptide therapy
  • bHRT (womens and mens hormone therapy) 
  • t3 therapy – autoimmune thyroid conditions
  • Gut microbiome (University of Colorado Boulder)
  • LDN for autoimmune, pain management
  • Childhood nutrition (Stanford University)
  • Herbal alchemy – Mastery Program
  • Integrative medicine ICP (In Clinic Preceptorship)
  • Medical cannabinoid double certified
  • Clinical diagnostics, DNA 

Contact us: [email protected]

or toll free 1-833-477-0777

(PLEASE NOTE: Holly is by appointment ONLY)