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How about a 15 min call on us? We offer this courtesy call for those who are not sure which direction they should take. There is no obligation to purchase, it is a chance to have a quick chat and see if there is a fit.

You will be able to book your appointment and complete the necessary courtesy call request form HERE – please note that if you cannot find a space in our booking portal through our EMR, you may reach out to our admin to schedule alternate times. [email protected]


Not sure which package is for you? This is the perfect opportunity to find out! Have a quick (15 minute) call on us.

Please be sure to complete the necessary form and booking found in our secure portal – (Just click here!)

6 reviews for Courtesy Call

  1. Anonymous

    I’m not a patient of HWH but I wanted to leave a review anyway. I booked a free call with Holly to discuss my options. She recommended me to someone else! She wouldn’t take my money because she was not well versed in my particular condition. Her referral panned out, they are great and I finally have answers. Her honesty impressed me. She turned down a quick easy buck and that shows character

  2. Elise L

    I was a client who really struggled with keeping track of my healthcare needs through emails. After chemo radiation treatment and medically induced menopause, I just couldn’t function with emails. Holly and her team listened, accommodated to my limitations, and found solutions. I’m very thankful for the extra care I received from her team at a time when my health, functioning, and communication were not optimal.

  3. Weinaver

    I know this was supposed to be 15 minutes but Holly gave me more time. She wanted to make sure I knew I had other options. She gave me info to go back to my doctor and try that first. Knowing of it didn’t work out (and it didn’t) that her and her team would be there to step in. Holly cares about more than then money. She cares about her patients.

  4. Laney

    So much help with this free call. Thanks for listening. Glad I was able to talk to someone before I committed to the hormone package. I got my questions answered and hung up feeling confident

  5. Nance

    I felt no pressure during this call. Holly was kind enough to answer my questions and guide me in the right direction. I’ve only recently joined her practice in the last six months, but I wanted to review her courtesy call to let others know that you won’t be pressured into joining. Her team follows up with you and answers any questions you might have without feeling pressure to buy. It’s worth taking her up on this very generous offer.

  6. Chelsea

    I just joined Holly‘s practice after having a courtesy call with her a few months back. I took the time to do my research. I looked into other providers, and I asked all of the questions that Holly suggested I asked during our call together. She set me up for success rather than a conned into failure. She had me ask other providers if they were able to prescribe medication‘s or if they had limitations. I was able to ask if they could prescribe testosterone and a lot of people said no. I asked if they could prescribe oral progesterone, not just creams and again a lot of people said no. If I had not known how to ask or what to ask , I would have spent money and wasted time. Fortunately, I was able to come back and join Holly and her team for my hormones and autoimmune issues.

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