LDN Therapy – Follow Up (Nurse Practitioner SKR ONLY)


For pre-existing LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) therapy patients. If you are new to HWH you will be required to go through the initial visit process here Initial LDN Therapy Package (Low Dose Naltrexone) first. This is for Canadian patients only.

If you are having labs run then you will be having a full session, this is specific to existing LDN patients ONLY.


This is for those with the LDN therapy only package, we do not test hormones, thyroid or other markers. This is for those who have already been approved for LDN therapy and had the initial session with our basic nurse prescriber

This session does not include lab work unless otherwise specified, if the nurse practitioner has opted to run a panel you may be subject to the standard follow up fees.

This will be a shorter session of 15-20 minutes based on complexity of the case, if a longer session is required you will be advised prior to scheduling and the fee for a standard follow up will apply.

Please note that all session fees are due prior to being placed on the schedule with the attending NP.


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