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Supplements Are NOT Hormones

The number one question I get from women on this menopause journey is "What supplements can I take instead of hormones?" The answer is none.  But if we change the question to "what supplements can I take to support my body during menopause?" (peri and post included)...

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Seed Cycling, It’s A No From Me.

I posted recently about seed cycling for hormone balancing, and you guys blew up my DM’s! Asking me to do a longer post, to add citations if there were any, you wanted to know why I was a fan and now I’m not… So I decided a longer post was needed. First off, if you...

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Declining Estrogen and Chronic Pain

Oh, the aches and pains of getting older. What we should say is "Oh, the aches and pains of declining estrogen!" Our knees, shoulders (hint, it might not be frozen shoulder after all), our wrists - basically, all the parts of our body that have connective tissues. The...

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Nutrient Deficiencies An Age Related Decline?

Let's talk micronutrients and how they are affected by age. A decline in digestive capacity means a reduced availability of nutrients, especially those that are protein bound. In simple terms this means you have low HCl and bile. Without enough hcl and bile,...

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Nutrient Absorption By Location

Let's start at the top! Each part of the digestive system plays a role in our digestion AND the absorption of nutrients. EsophagusStomach - water, ethyl alcohol, iodide, fluoride, molybdenumDuodenum - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, thiamine,...

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What Is A DBS Test (dried blood spot)

DBS Testing, dry blood spot First let’s talk about the methodology.  Dried blood samples are collected by a finger prick They are a mix of capillary blood, arterial blood, interstitial fluid and extracellular fluidThis is how we test new born babies - it’s...

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