Annual Follow Up – Holly Only


Please note this is NOT for those who are part of the optimization package. If you are part of the Advanced NURSE PRACTITIONER or MD for optimization package you will need to go to the optimization section of the website.

What is included:

A follow up session with necessary adjustments based of progress, supplement/health check in with Holly and review of additional testing (fees for additional diagnostics extra).

This follow up fee is not for packages including but not limited to LDN therapy, hormone balancing, or thyroid. Those require a session with the prescriber and subsequent labs. No matter the initial package the follow up is always under this particular category. If you have been a patient of HWH for a while and decided that you want a more “optimized” approach, we will happily swap you to one of our MD/Advanced NP prescribers. Just send us an email and we will happily get that process started [email protected]

Please note: All sessions are conducted virtually, there are no in clinic sessions. Absolutely NO refunds, cancellation policy available at time of booking. 


This is available only for those who have had a previous session with Holly and are on an annual plan for follow up. If you are already following a protocol and are looking to have follow up but no labs and no prescriber then this is the one for you.

***Please note: If you have not had a session with Holly already you will not be eligible for this product. You must be an existing patient.



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