Supplement Revision


Feeling stuck? Wondering if your supplements are the right ones for you? Maybe you should be swapping out for a sublingual, perhaps the version isn’t right for your absorption….

This is for those who feel they don’t need a full on session, if you are a new patient existing patient or simply a follower on social media, this is for you. Maybe you aren’t sure you need everything you are taking but would like to back it up with testing, I’d grab our amazing micronutrient test first and find out EXACTLY what you are missing.

This is not a session, you will require a full follow up for a script renewal if you are an existing patient, this is only for an interim alteration of supplement recommendations not a protocol adjustment.



This is for supplement alterations, Maybe you are on the right track with your protocols but feel you need some tweaking for your supplements. It’s a cheaper option with no session required.

It’s a quick update, a detailed questionnaire and a quick 15 min phone call just to be sure I have all the details – that’s it! It’s not a session, it’s an update.


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