Cannabis Consulting and Cannabinoid Therapy


You will get a full 30 min call with me to review your file, your needs and customization. Proper guidance is important, microdosing is also very important. Now that edibles are legal you need to understand nanotech and how the mg on a package my not be reflective of the “high” you are about to receive. No medical script is included with this package, i many cases it isn’t needed however if it is I will refer you to a reliable licensed professional for a medical script.

As a medical cannabis therapist as well as a cannabis sommelier I can assure you that there is more to this flower than meets the eye, be it for medical or recreational the new user and even experience user can benefit from a little help now and again.


The power of terpes is huge, let’s see what we can do about getting you what you need and on the road to discovery.


This is fantastic for those of you who are looking to customize your bud, your oils or just need info on which terpene profiles are best suited for your needs. You will get a completely customized protocol in regards to terpenes alone or cannabis as a whole (be it CBD or CBD/THC)

We will also discuss microdosing – a very important part of finding your ideal dosage.

Many of you are trying to navigate unchartered territory and have no idea where to start, I’m here to help. This includes looking at medications you are currently on, seeing if there might be some contraindications as well as exploring the de-prescribing methods available (under medical supervision of course).


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