Cannabis Education


Travel included in this fee if you are within the Ottawa area.

This is not to encourage teens to use cannabis but rather to make them aware of the dangers without scaring them. To have them listen and understand that cannabis is medicine and it’s usage is not meant to be only about the strongest THC they can find of “getting high”

As parents we can educate and help without being the enemy, I help bridge that gap and create an open dialogue.


For parents who want their kids to understand the upside and downside of their cannabis journey. Group talks given by Holly as a certified Cannabinoid Therapist and member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

This is a great chance to discuss how DNA plays a role in the increased risk for long term mental effects of cannabis use (high THC) versus ways to prevent and also safely engage. If our youth and teens are going to find it and use it wouldn’t we rather them know the dangers but also what is safer?

I educate on terpenes as well as vape culture and much more. These talks have been given in high schools with approval and now are being offered to parents who wish to host cannabis education parties. Knowledge is power, let’s open up the doors to honest discussion.


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