Candida + IBS Profile

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This test is available to both existing and new patients of HWH, however we do require a little background before we process your request. Want the full description of this fantastic test – click here!

Once we process your request one of our team will reach out with a your invoice for you to submit online. We will not complete the order without processing your fee so please be aware that processing via the website is only the first steps and nothing will be charged to you at his time.

One of our team will be in touch during business hours, so hang tight!

Curious as to the cost?

The fee for both tests plus the session review is $415 USD (plus kit shipping fees). Holly is required to review all  results as the ordering clinician (liability and all that) – which means her time and knowledge. She will also be curating a custom treatment plan. So you may as well get that session at the same time!


The Fungal Antibodies test will become the new Candida + IBS Profile. This comprehensive profile combines the IBSSure Panel with the Fungal Antibodies test (at no additional cost) to assess the presence of fungal overgrowth, antibody levels associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and autoimmunity of the intestinal motility system. 

The Candida + IBS Profile includes all Fungal Antibodies and IBBSure markers except for the following: 

  •  Aspergillus Fumigatus  
  • Candida cell wall and cytoplasmic components  
  • Candida rugos

IBSSure (The IBBSure Panel will now be available in the new Candida + IBS Profile at no additional cost)

2 reviews for Candida + IBS Profile

  1. Sara

    I learned so much from this test! It’s worth every penny.

  2. Holly Warner

    We are so happy you got the answers you needed and are on your way to unlocking health and feeling awesome.

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