Blood Chemistry Analyzation


There is nothing worse than getting lab results back and not having a clue what they mean. Are these levels normal? What are the proper ranges? What does it all mean!



This is a fantastic add on for our Session + Intake package. This Blood Chemistry Analyzer® is organized into 5 practical, easy to follow sections unlike other test analysis tools that only provide you hard to read spreadsheets to decipher yourself.

You will have a review session with Holly as well as a breakdown you can keep to review and compare future labs with. Holly will help you understand exactly what your pre-existing lab results mean in a way that you can understand and in more detail than your regular doc may have given. You must already have lab results in order to utilize this package, blood work is not included. If you are looking to have blood drawn please have a look at one of our HORMONE or COMPREHENSIVE THYROID packages.


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