Wait.. you’re a what? I thought a sommelier was only for wine? Much like wine, cannabis has many amazing varieties. Not everyone likes a Merlot just as not everyone enjoys a Kush… but what does that even mean?

In order to provide the best medical cannabis advice/guidance to my own patients I knew that I needed to delve deeper into the plant. Lineage, variety, phenotype, terpenes… oh so much info! It wasn’t just about dishing out microdosing protocol, discussing potency or deciding on THC vs CBD vs THC:CBD.

Many view cannabis as a tool for simply “getting high”, but in doing this we are limiting ourselves by a massive misconception. Imagine if we labelled all wine drinkers as just doing it to “getting drunk”, oh the outrage there would be.

The look of a flower, the scent, the feel…. the characteristics…. it all tells a story. Where is this flower from? What is it’s lineage? Getting to know what you like and WHY means digging into all of this. I know that the bud with long wispy red hairs is one I have enjoyed, but what does that mean? I can see that it is a HAZE, but what are the common characteristics of a haze? It typically has a nice light citrusy aroma but what else am I pulling from it? Was that a hint of pine? What do these scents mean? What will the terpenes do physically to me, how will I react? Does it matter if a I vape it over smoking? Can I add terpenes into my oil of they have been stripped? What other methods of consuming are there?

When we start to understand what we like and why it becomes easier to enjoy cannabis, even if it is only a high CBD chemovar… hey there ain’t no shame in your CBD game babes. You don’t have to get high (think of it like a non alcoholic beer).

Special shoutout to our friends over at CannaReps for providing a stellar cannabis sommelier course for any level of experience. Want to get some customization, chart a bit more about cannabis therapy and maybe find what is the right choice for you? Why not come on board for a cannabis session.