What on earth is snow mold? Most of you probably think it’s a pesky spring cold or the last of the seasons flu bug going around. Unfortunately what you are suffering from is more likely to be the effects of snow mold.  Yes the watery eyes, sneezing, itchy rash, cough, even the aches and pains that mimic a flu can all be part of a snow mold allergy. For some it can be quite serious, for others it’s just annoying.

So what are you to do?

Personally I recommend my patients grab a high quality supplement with DAO (diamine oxidase) like this one: which you will need to see a licensed practitioner (like myself) in order to get (or click that link!). You will also want to be sure to do the opposite of what your grandma taught you – don’t open the windows to air the house out. I remember my grandma would always open up the windows to ‘let the stale air out and fresh spring air in’ but it would literally send me into sneezing fits from the snow mold. Of course back then you took a Claritin and went on with your day.

The best thing you can do is to get ahold of some DAO (hit me up if you need a practitioner to help you out with this or use the link above), rather than grabbing an antihistamine why not grab something that will help degrade histamine in the gut – seems way more productive doesn’t it? You can also try to limit foods that increase your histamine load, opting for a low or antihistamine diet are great this time of year. You may also want to decrease your alcohol consumption, just until your histamine bucket isn’t overflowing…

Another favorite is pycnogenol, you can get this in tincture format at your local health food store, it’s made from pine bark and it’s awesome! You can add in some quercetin for extra added anti-histamine punch. I personally like this blend

Foods that contain these two ingredients such as certain citrus fruit, onions, garlic and even broccoli can also be beneficial. I have a home brew master tonic with a few of these in it that I down shots of combined with a little high polyphenol count olive oil, if it doesn’t kill ya it will cure ya…but that’s a whole other post.