Quite often I am asked what some of my go to supplements are while healing from Hashimoto’s, it isn’t as simple as here take these but I can certainly give some guidance.

Selenium is on of the more commonly used ones, due to it’s antioxidant effects to help lower thyroid antibodies. But what about combining it with myo-inositol? Combining the two has shown to have enhanced effects on lowering TgAb (thyroglobulin), TPOAb (thyroid peroxidase) and TSH.

Recent studies have shown a 44% decrease in TPO antibodies and a 48% decrease in Tg antibodies plus TSH dropped by 31%.

So what exactly IS myo-inositol? It’s a sugar alcohol found in citrus fruits like oranges and in cantaloupe.

What’s it do? It has a pretty important role to play in the formation of cellular membranes AND it supports TSH signaling and receptor sensitivity. OK let’s geek out for a second here… In reference to the 2013 study the findings stated “it has been shown that hypothyroidism can be caused by an impairment of inositol-dependant TSH signaling branch (TSH resistance)” Pretty cool stuff eh?

So for those of you suffering subclinical hypothyroidism (euthyroid) it is beneficial and therefore stands to reason it would benefit those at almost any stage of the disease, including those with hashimoto’s who have perhaps not shown up as hypothyroid on labs (as of yet).

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