Look at the connection between the gut brain axis, anxiety and histamine reactions. Many have seen relief by switching to a FODMAPs diet, no sugar or no gluten diets also seem to help but for others there is more needed. It can be hard to figure what the right path is when there are so many avenues to “health”. You watch your symptoms and if they become worse or you develop new ones then we automatically think that the switch isn’t the right one and go back to where we were before. This isn’t always the case, but unless you are under the care of a knowledgable practitioner (some just don’t get it) then you could be on a wild goose chase.

My favourite in these cases is when people say”it’s all in your head” Truth be told, it is! This is where the gut brain axis comes into play. If you don’t have a healthy gut, you won’t have a healthy brain. If you don’t have a healthy brain, you won’t have a healthy gut… see the pattern? It can be a vicious cycle.


When we look into histamine intolerance, an ever-growing term, we need to understand that it is a complicated and not a one size fits all solution. Our body needs histamine but we can only handle so much. So what happens when we have too much? A rash, sneezing? What about anxiety, insomnia and other like symptoms we don’t associate with histamine reaction.

For some I have seen come into my clinical practice, they have signs of SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) or IBS/IBD.

Here is the reason why. When you are unable to break down the histamine overload in your gut,you will experience severe symptoms of histamine intolerance which can also include severe drops blood pressure, terrible insomnia (due to the drop in BP), vertigo and even panic attacks. This is all due in part to the gut imbalance happening when histamine intolerance is present.

Once you find the diet and lifestyle fix that works for you , you will be able too eat higher levels of histamine foods, until then anti-histamine and low histamine foods are usually recommended. For some the SCD diet has been a saviour, for others it just isn’t the answer.

Did you know that a drop in blood pressure is one of the first signs of histamine response? It’s a serious drop, increased heart rate na flushing (rise of body heat). This of course is known to trigger the “panic attack” feeling or worse have you thinking you maybe having a heart attack. Bottom line, it all boils down to excess histamine causing the widening of the blood vessels and increasing your heart rate. A low histamine diet for many, the panic attacks vanish.

Is a low histamine diet for you? It could be, schedule a consultation and see what the root cause it. Lets find the answers and get you back on track.