Why I Choose Non GMO, You Might Be Surprised.

The great debate, are GMO’s really harmful. In the short answer, yes they are. But likely not for the reasons you have been told or what you are thinking. Yes they are not ideal for our gut, they don’t agree with our system but is this enough to really... read more

Chlorella, Intense Training and Our Immune Response.

Today I received a phone call from a friend of mine. She’s a trainer, a hardcore athlete and a go go go kind of person. She said “Holly, I keep getting sick yet I’m usually so healthy, what gives?” Well it got me thinking about how hard intense training can be on our... read more

F- U Histamine, You’re An A-Hole!

Seriously, histamine is literally the bane of my existence…. it might also be yours. I’ve always been someone who had to be aware of histamine issues, I make sure to get enough DAO (a histamine degrading enzyme) through my high polyphenol count olive oil... read more

What Does Low Stomach Acid Have To Do With My Muscles?

You work out like a champ, you eat a diet that puts the guru’s to shame and your personal trainer is on point. You count your macros, get adequate protein, consume the highest quality supplements, you definitely get enough healthy fats (you are obviously smart... read more

A Sure Fire Way To Increase Your Stomach Acid

I’ve talked about why stomach acid is so important, for example we need it to utilize nutrients like magnesium (a deficiency epidemic right now) and B12 (coincidentally another booming deficiency) and of course to kill bacteria (the ones we don’t need) and... read more

Acetylcholine – The Concentration Molecule

Many of my patients have admitted that they have trouble focusing and blame it on many factors ranging from SIBO, systemic candidiasis and even leaky gut. The problem is that while yes those are contributing factors, as well as our hormone imbalance, something else... read more

Myo-Inositol For Hashimoto’s

Quite often I am asked what some of my go to supplements are while healing from Hashimoto’s, it isn’t as simple as here take these but I can certainly give some guidance. Selenium is on of the more commonly used ones, due to it’s antioxidant effects... read more

Sit Down American Heart Association, You’re Drunk.

Yup the AMA is officially sounding like a drunk old man- an old, outdated, mumbling, drunken, drooling and very belligerent old man. Everyone is an expert nowadays, bad science is everywhere and with it comes someone with an agenda. So what is my agenda? YOU are,... read more

Diet DNA

Diet Power – DNA Testing What if I told you that your DNA tells you not only the most ideal foods for you but also how well you utilize the food you are eating? Diet DNA testing is a great diet management tool: Carbohydrates –  Your bodies ability to process... read more

Welcome To Executive Healthcare

Welcome to executive healthcare Functional Medicine style. Holly Warner Health is proud to work with the leading BHRT physicians network both in Canada and in the US. Offering a comprehensive BHRT (bio identical hormone therapy) program which includes: Full evaluation... read more

Estrogen Dominance & Your Gut Flora

OK ladies this ones for you, let’s chat estrogen. Many of the women who venture into my clinical practice suffer from something called estrogen dominance, it’s talked about more than any other estrogen issue and it’s fixable. But what about the rest of the equation? ... read more