Let me start by saying yes, yes it is. But why… what does it do exactly?

First off it depletes much needed nutrients – think magnesium for example which plays a role in a bunch of different system functions within the body (from hormones, mood, sleep and period pain). Sugar causes our kidneys to excrete magnesium faster. In the intestines, vitamin C absorption competes with glucose for absorption. Much like magnesium, chromium is affected by excess sugars. It is also excreted by the kidneys – Studies have shown that consuming a diet consisting of 35% simple sugars increased natural excretion rates by 300%.

Fructose increases the production of specific enzymes which degrades stores of vitamin D, yup the immune boosting hormone. Since so many of us are running around with chronically low vitamin D maybe we need to ask ourselves, is it the lack of sun or is it all the sugar?

What about calcium? Well if we don’t have adequate vit D we won’t utilize our calcium, vitamins go hand in had with each other, same with minerals and vital nutrients.

Don’t think sugar is an issue? Why don’t we run a micronutrient panel and see what’s going on behind the scenes. Curious how your mineral, vitamin, amino acid and other important statuses are holding up, let’s test!