Follow Up with MD + HWH


What you will receive:

Session with protocol updates at discounted existing patient rate with Holly

Follow up labs, script adjustment for thyroid/hormones (BHRT) and session with MD. Additional protocols as required.

If you have not had a session with the MD and Holly, or have not run a comprehensive panel you will need to do this before you qualify for the discounted follow-up rate.

Please note: All sessions are conducted virtually, there are no in clinic sessions. Absolutely NO refunds, cancellation policy available at time of booking. 



This is for those who have had a session with labs. If you have seen both Holly and the MD for a full master panel and now are looking to have a follow up then this is for you.

Please note: You will have had to complete the full panel lab work, had both a session with Holly with protocol and also a session with the MD, if you have not done so please follow this link

If you are looking for ONLY an adjustment to your script for thyroid or hormones then please follow this link.


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