See what I did there…. with the title? It’s my wild and wacky sense of humour. But seriously though back to basics does mean back to adding BITTERS into your life. We have been using bitters since the days of dawn and for good reason – our digestion loves them.

When I started formulating bitters way back in my herbal alchemist days, I wanted to make something that had more than one function. I wanted to add it to my patients protocols for digestion, and also for parasitic infections (parasites hate bitters) as well as for overall health. Fast forward to my new(ish) journey into the carnivore lifestyle I was curious if my bitters would stand the test (do you even need to ask? of course they did!)

You see I’ve added a decent amount of pimpinella (cause pimpin aint easy) anisium (hold the jokes please). In English that is anise or aniseed – known to help with digestive distress but also something that helps us produce our own much needed enzyme LIPASE.

Those of you currently on a carnivore diet are probably nodding your head in understanding right about now, the rest of you are not quite sure why the big deal. When we hit that adaptation phase in the beginning of our carnivore journey, things can get a little…. urgent. Some experience loose stool for which we clinicians generally recommend a supplementing with good lipase enzyme or bitters containing star anise/aniseed.

Did you know artichoke is said to prevent gallstones,help lower blood pressure and helps digestion by increasing the flow of bile from our liver. It’s also good for snakebites butthat is a whole other post. We have been using it for IBS (bloating, gas, cramping and constipation), cholesterol (it helps lower it), heartburn and even hangovers for centuries. I especially like the anti nausea properties, for some of us eating can cause much distress and this little additive comes in soothing most of it.

Hibiscus is another addition to this herbal remedy, not only does it help with digestion it’s also tasty – while bitter on it’s own when combined with the other herbs in this tincture the taste is a little less pungent than other bitters on the market.

Of course we added fennel for bloating and to help stimulate the liver.

Lets not forget about the hawthorn berry for any stomach pain, indigestion or diarrhea.

ANy of the much needed bile, enzymes of even our own HCL can all be promoted with this one simple tincture – whether you are carnivore, paleo, keto or any other dietary theory you choose to follow.

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