Sit Down American Heart Association, You’re Drunk.

Yup the AMA is officially sounding like a drunk old man- an old, outdated, mumbling, drunken, drooling and very belligerent old man. Everyone is an expert nowadays, bad science is everywhere and with it comes someone with an agenda. So what is my agenda? YOU are,... read more

Diet DNA

Diet Power – DNA Testing What if I told you that your DNA tells you not only the most ideal foods for you but also how well you utilize the food you are eating? Diet DNA testing is a great diet management tool: Carbohydrates –  Your bodies ability to process... read more

Welcome To Executive Healthcare

Welcome to executive healthcare Functional Medicine style. Holly Warner Health is proud to work with the leading BHRT physicians network both in Canada and in the US. Offering a comprehensive BHRT (bio identical hormone therapy) program which includes: Full evaluation... read more

Estrogen Dominance & Your Gut Flora

OK ladies this ones for you, let’s chat estrogen. Many of the women who venture into my clinical practice suffer from something called estrogen dominance, it’s talked about more than any other estrogen issue and it’s fixable. But what about the rest of the equation? ... read more

Moringa, It’s Like A Merengue Dance In My Mouth

I have a few favorite sweeteners and moringa leaf powder just so happens to top that list. The leaf of course holds most of the nutrient value but don’t count out the seeds just yet. I carry a little bag on me during the holidays for any sweet craving I may... read more

Back Pain and Your Adrenals… They Are Linked

Why it’s is important to pay attention to the signs, back pain is adrenal pain… Did you know that your adrenal glands directly impact the muscles that manage lower back and hips? It’s funny that these tiny little baseball cap like glands which sit on top of our... read more

The Research Behind Exogenous Keytones

There are currently many ongoing studies out there regarding the use of exogenous keytones and let me assure you not all are created equal. A few of the ones coming out of USF (University of South Florida) are pretty impressive including: CNS oxygen toxicity syndrome/... read more


Ashwagandha, is an adaptogenic herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine that has shown incredible results for lowering cortisol and balancing thyroid hormones. This is a reason why I have chosen to add it as a staple to my adrenal/thyroid protocols. Apply nicknamed... read more

Schisandra Berries

Schisandra berry tincture is one of those things I absolutely love, as a matter of fact I make my own. But when I don’t have time I simply make tea out of the berries. It is known for boosting liver function and helping with adrenal functions to help prevent... read more

Ketones, BHB and inflammation.

We have all heard about the silent killer known as inflammation. What we are not clear on is how to eliminate it. What if I told you it was actually pretty simple? You see many people have jumped onto the ketogenic life-style train hoping to lose weight, burning fat... read more