AI Grow Light!

The most advanced LED Grow Light technology on the planet. Our patented AI Grow Light technology will help you grow like a pro. No experience required! Lumens are for humans, photons are for plants, as the plant grows this smart technology allows you to program the lighting to it’s needs for each stage not only of growth but also throughout the day mimicking the suns natural cycle. Full spectrum of light, UVB to kill and prevent mold and infrared to penetrate the soil. Just the way nature intended.

You will want to grab the Grow Tent as well for better growing.

Larger yield, less time and 85% less energy!


PRISM | EGX7 Agri-Grow Light comes ready with App based, Cloud Controlled Software that enables the user to fully adjust spectrum, intensity and timer controls for all stages of Plant Life – seed to harvest.

  • The ‘Original’ Emerson Effect
  • Powerful UV Integration
  • Laser Integration
  • Consume Less Energy and Save Costs
  • Customize Your Own ‘Recipe of Light’ with App Integration
  • The World’s First Built In Light Recipe Store
  • Product and System are Patent Protected Globally

Prism is the only stand-alone digital LED SMART grow light that is ready for your Home with Family. PRISM I EGX7 coverage area is 4′ x 4′. Small & Medium enterprises are able to run multiple environments all in one place seamlessly. No matter the crop type or life stage, users Create I Share & Grow well with ‘Your Recipes of Light’.  Native to the App is a pre-defined EmersonGrow Lighting routine that advances the production of photosynthesis for food, Flowers and more! Grab your bundle (on sale!) here.


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