Supplementing For Estrogen Dominance.

Are you doing it wrong? Many of you are likely using DIM (or I3C) for estrogen dominance as they are powerful tools for estrogen detoxification. When we take I3C it is broken down by our stomach acid and becomes DIM. However you need to be sure you have adequate... read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Vit D

With all the information out there it seems one thing we can agree on is that we need to supplement with vitamin D right? Wrong. For some it could actually be the WORST idea. Yes even for those living in the colder climate with minimal sun to skin exposure cause... read more

Best Time Of Day To Take Supplements

Remember back when we were kids and all we had to do was chew on a Flintstone vitamin? We thought we had it all covered! Now we have so many different options for chewable and multi vitamins that it can make your head spin. Here is the thing, I’m not a fan of a... read more

Do You Have Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome?

Our ECS (endocannabinoid system) is one of the most important systems in the body, you see my article on why here. Yes clinical endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome (CEDS) is a thing, as a matter of fact here is a fantastic study to support it, written by the godfather... read more

Why Is Our Endocannabinoid System So Important?

First off lets start by discussing WHAT our ECS (endocannabinoid system) is. We all have one, and it’s been around as far as our knowledge of its existence, about 25 years so it isn’t a new thing. Even animals have one! It is one of, if not the most... read more

Scream Cream! Orgasms so good you might scream…

Ok so now that I have your attention, sorry boys this is for the ladies only.  I am beyond excited to be offering this to our patients, cause there is nothing worse than having some lovin’ and not being able to climax or get some good sensation going on.... read more

MTHFR and Glyphosate

Recently a colleague and I had a discussion about glyphosate and how I’m seeing success (backed by testing) at removal with specific products and protocols. This is something I have spent years studying and trying to perfect because of the effects on our... read more

The Problem With SIBO Breath Testing

Now before you crap all over me, let me explain – it’s not always bad – I still use it with some of my patients. The issue is similar to the GI Pathogen screen for parasitic infection, too many false positives. It’s not reliable which is an... read more

Magnesium, what’s in your scoop?

Everyone has pretty much heard of magnesium nowadays. We know it’s important but what we may not be clear on is what KIND to take. There are different types and of course each brand says they offer the best, but what is actually IN your supplement? First off... read more

Bio-Identical Progesterone VS Synthetic Progestins

Synthetic progestins do not have the same actions as bio identical progesterone outside of the uterus for one thing. It will have the opposite effect really. Did you know that progesterone receptors are found in almost every cell of the body! This means it has... read more

CBD Isolate VS Whole Plant Hemp Oil…Because You Asked

Oh the questions! Daily I hear people asking why I choose whole plant rather than isolate since so many companies seem to have jumped on the isolate bandwagon. Well you see this is what sets us apart, the ones who have an herbal or botanical background vs those who... read more