Unfortunately it has come to the point that everything we say has to be done in some secret code, we cannot speak out, we cannot have a opinion and heaven forbid we say the word on everyone’s mind.

So am I going to get it? You know… the needle jab! Nope. Do I believe that it will transform us into aliens or microchip us, also no. That isn’t how this vaccine works folks. So then why am I opting out for myself you ask? For me it was simple, I researched the ingredients (because that is what my background is…. research)

My main concern is one of the non-medicinal ingredients found in both the Pfizer and Moderna vax. I’m going to shorten this down a bunch to Polyethylene glycol 2000 or PEG 2000, this is the one that stood out to me where my own health is concerned. You see those of you who have followed my journey for a while now know that I had thyroid issues, an autoimmune condition (Hashimoto Thyroiditis) and also cold urticaria. I had a few other fun things going on but those were the main ones that messed with life in general. When I delved into my carnivore lifestyle 3+ years ago I noticed that all these issues cleared up but I also stumbled onto something else…oxalates.

But HOW does this all tie together? PEG 2000 converts to HIGH oxalate, and for anyone with oxalate issues, experiencing oxalate dumping or someone trying to lower their oxalate load that is going to possibly mean big trouble (and a possibility of, albeit small, renal failure if it was severe enough). When oxalates are present anywhere in the body it is a massive issue, the soft tissues, our heart as well as other organs, we end up with very bad side effects. Severe oxalate dumping can lead to death… which is another reason why the whole “allergy” tag placed on the vaccine reactions to me raised red flags. Have a peek here to see where I made the connection (hint it had to do with a gentleman having a heart attack post vaccine). Yes I know much research is still to be done and this could very well be correlation vs causation – however it is part of my job to make my own patients aware of anything that causes me to pause for a moment, and this caused a BIG pause.

I am not saying that this is an allergic reaction when it comes to the PEG 2000 used in the vax, what I am saying is that I query if it is actually related to oxalates rather than an allergy per se.

There have been some fun links from credible sources that have lead me to that conclusion as well as a study being conducted on MiriLAX to determine if the PEG content is creating oxalate or kidney issues…There are just to many questions I have to risk my health at this time.

Want me to do up another article regarding mRNA and how it is NOT going to turn us into zombies? Leave a comment below. Want to learn more about oxalates? Click either of these two links (here or here)!