Hello everyone! Can I start this out by saying let’s all take a nice deep breathe, now hold it in and count to 10 ….. now slowly exhale.

Congratulations, this is the first test to see if your lungs are ok! Not just an exercise for relaxation and calm although you basically did that too.

I want to include a disclaimer to anyone reading this. I am not a doctor, while yes I do have a strong medical background I am not YOUR care provider and do not know YOUR medical background. This means I do not know your health history, your medications or current supplements so please be sure to contact your healthcare provider to ensure there are no contraindications to your own medications before starting any new regime. Please also follow public health advisories, these are important.

I cannot stress enough that this virus, while similar to other coronavirus is very different, think of the others as a kit car and this is the Ferrari… while they may look similar the end result and speed are vastly different. What we do know for certain is that it is a envelope virus.

Through all of this remember to drop your shoulders and continue to breathe. Stress is your biggest enemy right now.

Some other early symptoms to possibly take note of are the loss of taste and smell, although it is early to tell for certain experts out of British Columbia are saying these could be the first warning signs – far before fever or other symptoms present themselves. Some of the worlds hot spots have reported this and it’s something to be made aware of. It could potentially be a good indication for getting you into quarantine earlier. It could save lives.

Hydrate, get ahead of the virus. There is no validity to the theory of drinking warm water to fight it off but hey it sure can’t hurt so if it make you feel more at ease to have a cup of hot tea then go for it. There is something to be said for peace of mind, even if it is a placebo.

The lungs and nose are first main entry points, this thing needs to take hold so why not get some virucidal components into you asap. I mention below terpenes ( link) I’d be diffusing those into my lungs right away. No need to be excessive, a little goes a long way. There is no guarantee this will work but between that and some colloidal silver hey “maybe” you have a better shot. Currently there is a study seeking approval for testing the same terpenes we have been discussing as a remedy for COVID-19, so there may be more validity than we know! https://cannalogue.ca/coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR2DsMZ53diT6KWEHH9CvcDfAdMKk5nfnXU-NuxzJu_MUmpv9h_7TpOBjr4

What the heck is a virucide?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A virucide (pronounced /ˈvī-rə-ˌsīd/ and alternatively spelled viricide and viruscide[1]) is any physical or chemical agent that deactivates or destroys viruses.[2][3] This differs from an antiviral drug, which inhibits the proliferation of the virus.

I’m going to keep this as simple as possible, if you want the science (the little bits there are out there) I am happy to give links as they come up. I will add them to a separate file later on in my FB group (Holly Warner Health Tribe) plus loads of discussion going on so come on over and join in . Since we are dealing with this virus in real time, and none of the experts can seem to 100% agree on strategies other than to self isolate and practice social distancing I have decided to put this “as it stands” protocol out to help guide but not be used as the holy grail.

Let’s discuss disinfectants, pick up your hand sanitizer, look at the alcohol content – is it 70%? You can even get away with 60%, but it’s anything less that that throw it out – it’s no good. All it does is stun the virus then move it around to reactivate later. You basically knocked it out for a few minutes, remember hand sanitizers are bacteriostatic not bactericidal.

Soap and water is your best bet, with that 20-30 seconds of hand washing in water as hot as you can. This is a “envelope” virus, its got a protective layer of fat (lipid) around it that dish soap or hand soap (no need for antibacterial) will cut through and stave off this vulnerable virus. The virus itself is fragile so soap is a great option.

No to bleach…just soap and water – Bleach “is like using a bludgeon to swat a fly,” one expert explains. Bleach is also extremely bad for our lungs, at this point in time the last thing we want to be doing is putting undue stress on our lungs when this virus hits them and hits them hard.

https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/03/why-soap-preferable-bleach- fight-against-coronavirus/

Now that we have hygiene out of the way let’s talk about who is vulnerable. We have a long list and it may surprise you. Some have been listed in this article

I have compiled a more comprehensive list below:

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Diabetic/pre diabetic
  • Overweight
  • Lung issues, asthma etc
  • Autoimmune disease if active
  • Immunocompromised
  • Insulin resistant
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure

This doesn’t mean these people are at higher risk of catching the virus, it means they are at higher risk for more severe symptoms.

What does this virus mean, why is it so different than the common cold, why are we advised against using normal immune boosting protocols?

When we get sick our immune system goes into hyperdrive, it comes in and wipes out whatever needs to go. While this may sound like a good thing, in this case with Covod-19 or Sars – COV -2 it isn’t a good thing at all.

A large part of the lung issue is the cytokine storm, this insane super charged attack our body goes on. it’s the result of the virus, not the actual virus itself. The serious beating our organs are taking may be cause our body is a little to good at fighting this thing and it creates more of a issue. At least this is what the scientists believe to be happening.

What we need to do is modulate our bodies immune response, not hype it up. We need to lower the cytokine storm. This means we need to inhibit what is called NLRP3 – a great way to do this is IF (intermittent fasting) also a keto diet or carnivore diet.

Since we are all sitting at home and less active now may be a good time to introduce fasting, instead of boredom snacking, keeping that insulin low.

The higher the insulin, the worse the cytokine storm if we do become infected. With many of the above mentioned you already have elevated cytokines, meaning you have higher risk when hit. Higher insulin makes our fat cells overproduce cytokines, insulin stimulates the liver to overproduce CRP. If we can bring these levels down we bring the cytokine levels down as well – it’s a win win. Those with estrogen dominance typically also have insulin issues.

Those with elevated CRP, TNF-Alpa, IL6 are at increased risk so check your most recent lab work. This is one of the reasons I have my patients always obtain a copy of their labs, for times like this when reviewing them might help. Pay attention to this, I will be referencing this later on in this protocol.


Lots of water and good salts – electrolytes to stay hydrated. Viruses like that dryness so keep yourself hydrated to stay healthier. I could go into the science and get all nerdy but this is already going to be a long enough PDF so just drink you water folks. A good way to figure out if you are getting enough water is to attach multiple rubber bands around your glass, each time you drink a glass remove one. This is how I now track my water intake. Watch the coffee, it’s going to dehydrate, and watch those sugary, alcoholic drinks too.

Get proper rest, keeping a schedule may actually help your body better cope with the added stress of what is happening around us.

Speaking of stress, stress management either mediation of breathing or humming or chanting, whatever it is you like – now is the time to do it.

Get outside – solo of course or with your family. Fresh air and sunshine are good for everyone. In fact the sun may be one of our best natural defences. If you have the flu or a common cold you are at higher risk so stay in, relax, hydrate and rest up.

There have been some mention that melatonin at night at 10mg/day MAY help, we do not know for sure but it can’t hurt so go for it. UPDATE https:// www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0024320520303313

Organ meats are important right now, even if you are not a fan. They are better than some off the shelf multivitamin so opt for that. Just do it, we all know the taste is no ones favourite. They are so nutrient dense you may find yourself full of more energy than ever before. Right now it’s more important to give the body what it needs and that is zinc and copper from food sources to improve the balance. This means grab a steak and some liver.

Cut the carbs

Cut the sugar Watch the alcohol

Carnivore VS Keto. You are fine either way, you don’t need to be in ketosis but it helps. Both of these dietary theories including IF are shown to lower cytokines and inflammation. Seriously, fasting is your friend right now.

Colloidal silver, this one has come up quite a bit. While there is no evidence that it will help according to most of the literature, it sure can’t hurt. I have a theory that it may add some virucidal effect, although only slight it is still worth the look. Listen even if it is a placebo as long as it doesn’t do harm i’m fine with it. I have a line on a brand that is used as a nasal spray – as soon as they are back in stock I will add the link. If you know of a brand then go for that as well as oral spray.

Essential oils – sorry folks but they won’t do a darn thing for this virus. While I see see people have good intentions based on the terpene content of these, you need the actual full blown terpene concentrates in isolated form like the ones found here https:// slipperybuddha.com/collections/plant-terpene-products/products/copy-of-alpha- pinene-terpene-isolate-2ml-1

Terpenes: These are a staple in our home more now than ever. Specifically the 3 pack at the link above due to all the virucidal properties – again A virucide (pronounced /ˈvī- rə-ˌsīd/ and alternatively spelled viricide and viruscide[1]) is any physical or chemical agent that deactivates or destroys viruses.[2][3] This differs from an antiviral drug, which inhibits the proliferation of the virus. What we need isn’t antivirals but virucidals. As I mentioned above, there is a study awaiting Health Canada approval for testing cannabis (these terpenes specifically) for COVID – 19

If you are on prednisone be careful, you are at increased risk, same goes for high blood pressure meds (ACE inhibitors). Those taking aspirin due to medications, to thin blood and help with underlying conditions are being strongly cautioned against this. I have swapped those patients over to Serrapeptase as it will have the same benefits without the negative impact with regards to this virus.

Avoid NSAIDS ie: Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Naproxen, ibuprofen, or aspirin. If you need OTC pain or fever relief go for acetaminophen (Tylenol). There have been some serious findings regarding the effects in combination with this virus. They can incite a cytokine storm. I get it the WHO said this then retracted it, there were enough findings to caution it and those findings haven’t gone away so let’s err on the side of caution just in case.

Serrapeptase, Wobenzym and proteolytic enzymes such as proteases seem to help when battling this type of envelope virus. There are a few studies out of Asia to support the use of this as well as it being used in both Asia and Germany for over 60 years. They strip away the outer protective lipid layer of the virus leaving it vulnerable. Serrapeptase also works amazing for our lungs and sinus issues. Be sure to avoid aspirin when using this as well as fish oils. For those who are taking aspirin which I have reviewed above, you can sub out for this instead for the same effect without the negative impact. These enzymes work on the digestion of fibrin and foreign matter, they both go after C reactive protein (CRP) which are markers that when elevated (inflammation) are a indication of higher risk for this virus.

This was shared by a colleague, stop taking all NAD+ supplements (including patches, nicotinamide NR and NMN) Our body has what is known as CD38 – it’s an immune cell surface protein that specifically kills off infected cells by depleting their NAD+. The problem is that if we are also supplementing with it this won’t work, it cancels it out.

There is a study that shows when we have depleted levels of CD38 it increases the seriousness of pneumonia. Since we know the severity of this virus and how it effects our longs we need to pay attention to these facts.

Elderberry and elderflower as well as echinacea are also contraindicated, yes I know normally these would be considered immune boosting superstars, but this is not the result we want. Remember what I said about cytokine storm? We don’t want to chance making that worse. Some herbalists have suggested that we take it initially and then if symptoms present themselves we can stop, however given that we don’t know when we are first infected we can make matters worse before we have time to stop treatment. Just avoid it altogether for now.

Vitamin D has been contraindicated as well for a few reasons (I will go into those below), I really strongly advise against supplementing with vitamin D but I realize you are going to do what you want so if you do decide to supplement with it please ensure you not high dosing be sure you are also adding in K2. I’ve written about it here:https://hollywarnerhealth.com/2017/10/30/k2-the-missing-link/

If you have vitamin D but don’t know how to properly dose and add in K2, I’ve got a chart for your to convert for both MK4 and MK7 formats: https:// hollywarnerhealth.com/2017/10/30/vitamin-d-k2-dosage-chart/

What is more important than vitamin D is perhaps magnesium, hear me out…when testing patients we see magnesium deficiency to be the key, so get topped up on that for better results all around. Here have a read: https://hollywarnerhealth.com/ 2019/01/28/the-dos-and-donts-of-vit-d/

I’ve seen some clinicians recommend vitamin A – I however do not. Consuming foods rich in this such as liver once per week is sufficient. Both vitamin A and D help us make more ACE2, which normally would be a good thing (are you seeing a trend here?) however this virus actually hijacks these so making more of them is not going to be a good end result. We would be supporting this virus and potentially making it worse. For this reason I strongly caution against supplementing with either one.

This is why the standard “supporting the immune system” is not applicable – this is unchartered territory and it’s throwing many of us for a loop.

Avoid vitamin C – there are risks with this. Yes I am aware that in China they are using this as part of the treatment protocol but this is IV format not oral. First off oral is converted to oxalate and that is not something I would recommend being as I spend my days helping patients lower their oxalate damage – secondly vitamin c as well as b propolis carry a risk of making lung damage worse if infected.

Other clinicians have cautioned monolaurin (coconut derivative) due to it’s risk to your immune system as much as to the virus itself.

Zinc has been recommended, if you take it be sure to balance it with copper. Personally I eat it in real food for a more bioavailable source, the beauty of eating red meat and organ meat aka nose to tail carnivore.

This virus hits fast, within 5 days you have symptoms which may be mild however they magnify fast. It hits the lungs right away rather than building like it would gradually with the flu. It’s part of the danger of this virus. Within a few more days we are seeing patients with double pneumonia (a cytokine storm). This is your immune system acting like a bull in a china shop. The end result is severe acute respiratory distress or failure.

We essentially drown, we can’t move oxygen then you can’t breathe. Picture a truck parked on your chest, while you sit at the bottom of a pool being filled with water.

People relate this to the flu however medical staff, doctors are all dying in record numbers, we don’ts this with the common flu… this is no flu. I repeat this is NOT a common flu.

This virus gets into our cells by “hijacking” something called ACE2. The normal role of this is to keep our blood pressure low and to keep our lungs and heart in healthy conditions. You can get loads of data on this online or hit me up for the science stuff.

There has been mention of quercetin, this is a nutrient that has previously been shown to have success against other enveloped viruses like flu, ebola, zika etc. Here is how it works (in theory) – Think of it like this, it blocks the key that allows COVID-19 to enter the building (humans). COVID-19 enters cells through ACE2 receptors, Quercetin gums up the receptor keeping the key from fitting. Want to increase the absorption add some digestive enzymes that contain bromeliad (from pineapples). Serrapeptase (especially good for the lungs and our sinuses) and proteolytic enzymes (like proteases) are also showing promising results due to their ability to strip away the outer layer of the virus so they no longer have protection. However since this virus is respiratory not gastric we haven’t looked into this avenue. There is data showing now that the gut may have a role in protection so this should no longer be an overlooked option.

I will be developing protocols for after this is all done to go with existing ones, this will spike again in the fall so I want everyone to be as healthy as possible now. The experts have warned about this, meaning as soon as we are out of it we want to ensure we are doing everything to build our bodies back up for he next round. No time like the present to take charge of your health. Want to start now? Let’s do it, I mean what else are we doing right?!

I’m here to answer questions as best I can given the data we are presented, it is overwhelming but between myself and my team (both Canadian and American) we are sorting it all out.

This virus is so new we are obtaining data in real time, we have no idea what works or what doesn’t for certain as of yet however we are seeing trends and that is the basis for this protocol. The data gathered from the ones who have gone through it.

If you are worried that you have the virus and cannot get testing there are a few things you can do to monitor yourself so you know WHEN it’s time to head over to the ER, and when not to. If you can I would grab a pulse oximeter (Pulse Ox) and monitor your oxygen saturation rate. You want this number to be above 95% – if it is your good to home, if it’s not you may want to consider heading to the ER, or calling your health hotline.

We have launched a test for Covid-19 however we are waiting until the next phase for the finger prick assay, we do not want to put our mobile nurses at risk for a full blood draw nor do we want to add extra burden to our labs (or risk you going out) for un- necessary testing. Stay tuned to our group as we will be updating with announcements as timelines roll in.

There has been evidence in one USA government DOD study showing higher infection with coronavirus after routine flu vax. Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among department of defence personnel during the 2017-2018 influenza season (Author G.Wolff)

Conclusion: vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus.

Please stay home, please keep social distance if you need to go out. Please wash your hands. Spend less time on social media, it’s draining. Watch a comedy instead.

UPDATE for those asking about the gut connection and probiotics.

Best clinical outcomes from the frontline in cases for SARS-CoV2 are incorporating Eastern and Western medicine and including prebiotics, probiotics and other gut support.

“Patients with mechanical ventilation should be strictly supervised with cluster ventilator-associated pneumonia prevention strategies. Antimicrobial prophylaxis should be prescribed rationally and was not recommended except for patients with long course of disease, repeated fever and elevated procalcitonin (PCT), meanwhile secondary fungal infection should be concerned.”

Some patients with COVID-19 showed intestinal microbial dysbiosis with decreased probiotics such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Nutritional and gastrointestinal function should be assessed for all patients – we of course are not doing this.

Nutritional support and application of prebiotics or probiotics were suggested to regulate the balance of intestinal microbiota and reduce the risk of secondary infection due to bacterial translocation.” https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32096367/
Zhejiang Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban, 49 (1), 0 2020 Feb 21
[Management of Corona Virus disease-19 (COVID-19): The Zhejiang Experience]

“Work by Hashimoto et al indicated that the expression of ACE2 was primarily located to the luminal surface of differentiated small intestinal epithelial cells, whereas lower expression was observed in crypt cells and the colon.6

They also linked the amino acid transport function of ACE2 to the microbial ecology in the gastrointestinal tract in which ACE2 mutants could exhibited decreased expression of antimicrobial peptides and showed altered gut microbial composition.
Therefore, we speculate that COVID-19 may have some relationship with the gut microbiota.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that modulating gut microbiota could reduce enteritis and ventilator-associated pneumonia…

In early February, Guidance from China’s National Health Commission (Version 5) recommend that in the treatment of severe patients with COVID-19 infection, probiotics can be used to maintain the balance of intestinal microecology and prevent secondary bacterial infection which showed that growing awareness of the importance of gut microbiota in COVID-19 infection has been accepted by Chinese government and first- line medical staff. “

2019 novel coronavirus infection and gastrointestinal tract. Qin Yan Gao 1, Ying Xuan Chen 1, Jing Yuan Fang 1. J Dig Dis 2020 Feb 25[Online ahead of print]. https://sci-hub.tw/downloads-ii/2020-02-26/4b/[email protected] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32096611/