I wasn’t going to write about this, I mean I’m carnivore after all so what does this have to do with me? Well I wasn’t always carnivore which means that a large number of my patients are also not carnivore (yet). I’ve noticed a few things with this fad but wanted to wait till I saw more of a trend before commenting… that time is now.

So here’s the thing… celery is HIGH oxalate, so juicing this stuff in mass quantities just creates this super juice of maxed out osalate garbage. It’s a kidney nightmare – and by nightmare I mean kidney stones and a fancy trip to the ER… with a side of organ damage. I used to be such a fan of juicing… until I realized it was an oxalate nightmare.

I’ve heard so many say “oh that’s just detox symptoms”, listen folks there is a huge difference between a detox (don’t even get me started) and a seriously bad reaction. I’d also like to say that reading book does not make you a health expert, I don’t care if it made your next door neighbour Nancy feels great on it or your dad swears by it. Did you know that consuming these mass quantities of celery can put you in risk of thyroid issues? Too much celery juice can interfere with iodine uptake, thies leaves you at risk of a goiter or worse. Not to mention it can also interfere with certain medications.

Speaking of medication, if you are taking statins (please tell me you aren’t) that celery juice is a huge no no. Same goes for anti-anxiety drugs. Celery is similar to grapefruit in the way it contains compounds called furanocoumarins that prevent some medications from breaking down and doing there job. This means patients taking thyroid meds, armour brand to levothyroxine and synthroid (plus all the other brands in between), lithium, photosensitizing meds (meds that make you sensitive to sunlight) and sedatives (CNS depressants)

Basically this is the dumbest thing out there promoted by some dude who listens to the voices in his head…No thanks.