Ok so now that I have your attention, sorry boys this is for the ladies only. 

I am beyond excited to be offering this to our patients, cause there is nothing worse than having some lovin’ and not being able to climax or get some good sensation going on. Women’s sexual health is so focused on period pain and if our vaginas ‘smell ok’ yet no one is talking about our ability to cum. Yes that’s right I’m going there ladies.

Harsh reality: Men don’t (typically) have these issues and we are taught when he is done… well so are we. If your male partner DOES have these issues then send them my way, we can fix that too!

Lesbi-honest… (apparently it takes a lesbian to have the guts to lay it all straight when it comes to the vagina). How many times have you felt unsatisfied, not had a climax (either fully or at all) or you just plain old just took one for the team? I’m betting a lot of you are nodding you heads right now. Some of us have even been so bold as to self satisfy when our partner is not around for lack of fulfillment when we are intimate. Women enjoy the intimacy, but we should also be able to enjoy those “O.M.G. that was AMAZING” moments as well.

Let me introduce you to ‘SCREAM CREAMby prescription only (provided by one of our licensed practitioners). So how does it work? You know how some men need to take a little pill just before to “get it up” –  same deal for us ladies, only it’s a cream. Apply 30 mins before your love sesh (sexual activity) and enjoy. Scream Cream increases the blood flow to the areas that need it most, it improves sensitivity as well as rates of orgasm, it’s basically a party for your vagina.

Essentially this little cream enhances sexual satisfaction by improving ease of stimulation (can I get an AMEN!), as well as sensitivity and intensity of orgasms (sign me UP!). Because this cream is NOT absorbed systemically it can be used continuously without worry. This means you can use it every day if you want to. Grab your scream cream HERE.

It won’t help your libido or if you have a partner who has no clue what they are doing (I can recommend a good sex coach for that), but it’s one step closer to the ultimate goal. If your libido is an issue then come on board for our hormone balancing package, lets see if you need a little top up of those diminished hormones – vitality baby! With the use of bHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) we are able to get you back on track not just in the bedroom but also in the gym, at work and life in general!

Why bHRT? Bioidentical hormones are safer than comparable synthetic and nonhuman versions of HRT. We want what’s the closest to what your body produces, not something foreign. But that’s a whole other conversation (why not schedule a 15 minute courtesy call if you would like to know more 833-477-0777)