It’s easy to get confused with all the fancy titles…integrative medicine, alternative medicine, functional medicine, natural medicine…. so which one is right for you and what the helll does it all mean?

Functional medicine is the baby of integrative/alternative medicine and conventional medicine. It’s the best of all worlds evolving into what works without the missing links.


Lets talk ranges, the way in which your labs are interpreted can mean the difference between thinking it’s all in your head or knowing what is happening and finding your way back to optimal health. Functional ranges are not as broad is conventional ones. Standard medical practice has labs that are an average of the population, a SICK population… I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be an average based on sick people! With functional medicine we look at optimizing those ranges.

Our labs are also more extensive, this means when your doctor says NO to a comprehensive thyroid panel we offer it as standard procedure. We also offer a wide range of diagnostics not seen in conventional medicine

Treat the person not the paper 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a fan of the ‘test don’t guess’ approach but it must be combined with the art of listening. Labs only tell part of the story which is why other approaches fail. Ever heard that saying “The devil is in the details“? This applies to your health as well. Listening to what you say and combining it with the data provided in your labs or other diagnostic tools, gives us a much bigger  picture as to what is happening with your health.

Root cause resolution 

We don’t diagnose and treat the disease, we find the root cause and figure out WHY you are having the health crisis in the first place. We look at ALL the systems and pathways involved and dig deeper to find what your body needs to get back on track. This means looking at underlying infections, viruses, dysfunctions, deficiencies, imbalances and also genetic factors.

Individualized approach

This one size fits all approach doesn’t work so why are we still using it as a medical model? If it’s broken… fix it! Which is exactly what we have done. This also applies to integrative/alternative medicine, one remedy won’t work for everyone – we need to be able to alter protocols and treatment plans to reflect the individuality of our patients right down to your DNA.

Does this sound like something that has been missing in your life?  Cause I know it was missing in mine, which is why I founded Holly Warner Health.  I was tired of being told no, my patients being told no and the lack of results we were all seeing.  Come into a world where someone is listening, getting you the results you want in a way you are comfortable with.  We work with you, we listen and we get results.