Let’s chat about DNA, functional genomics and why I decided to bring nutraceuticals into my practice.

What is the good of decoding your genome if you don’t take action to correct missing genes and variations which can have profound effects on human health? Why not maximize your healthcare regime with customized medicine.  

When this model is applied in clinical practice it takes the guessing out of my work. 

No more trying to find the most bioavailable, easily absorbed version of a supplement that matches whichever need each patient has. Hoping that we have found the right one, if it is even something that we as practitioners are able to source, which let me assure you with growing health concerns we are more often than not finding this to be quite the challenge.

For patients with health conditions as varied as cancer, autism, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalances and even lyme disease. Each need is as different as each set of DNA. So how does the one size fits all approach work? Truth be told, It doesn’t.

Genetic variations can both influence the risk of disease as well as prevention. Each genetic variation reacts with nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in our food. Hundreds of studies have confirmed this to be the case. Customized dietary and supplemental plans based upon your genes are the most effective treatment protocols one can obtain. 

Implementing health solutions with only part of the picture means you are only getting half (if that) of the results. You need to be implementing detailed protocols and health solutions based upon your own unique genes. Removing the guess work of what ‘might’ work turning it into what WILL work. 

Are you tired of seeking out both conventional and alternative health care only to find that you still have found the answers you are searching for? Then DNA testing is the answer, however this does not mean just any DNA panel. They are NOT all created equal. I have spent the past 5 years searching for the perfect fit, the one panel that gave ALL the answers that my patients could ever need and then some. I finally found Youtrients and world renowned geneticist Dr Mansoor. 

Frustrated with the quality and type of the supplements on the market today, Dr Mansoor and his team decided to do something about it. They have given practitioners like myself the ability to create customized nutraceuticals that are an exact fit for our genes… Yes you heard me, an EXACT FIT. No more messing around trying to find the version that works for you or wondering if you should switch it up to a better brand or if there are troublesome fillers that may irritate an existing condition. They do not outsource their manufacturing process and no two supplements will be the same, just as no two sets of DNA will be the same. Using only the finest of the world’s raw materials, some of which you and I could not source from a shelf even if we tried. 

Pair this with the most accurate genetic test on the market, and I say that with confidence because it is. I don’t mess with anything but the best. No other genetic company is able to do what this company is doing. 

We are now able to correct and asses the genes that are creating diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hormone imbalances, detoxification issues, obesity, cognition, anti-aging, and performance.

This is personalized medicine, personalized health.