Yup the AMA is officially sounding like a drunk old man- an old, outdated, mumbling, drunken, drooling and very belligerent old man. Everyone is an expert nowadays, bad science is everywhere and with it comes someone with an agenda. So what is my agenda? YOU are,  making sure you get the latest and most accurate information and of course making sure you are doing what works best for you as an individual. Not all of us process and metabolize fats the same so how much fat you consume will vary from one person to the next, but which fats are the healthiest isn’t something that is likely to change. Vegetable oils are bad for everyone, period.

What do I make of the latest statements released by the ADA? I think it is utter and complete BULLSHIT. It’s beyond frustrating, it is maddening and terrifying. How many people are out there trying to figure out which dietary theory is right for them, how much fat is good or if fat is good at all (hint… YES it is). We hear the conspiracy theories running rampant on the internet and politics being thrown around like candy but lets look at the facts. No I don’t think the government is out to get us (they just want to make LOTS of money, they don’t actually want to KILL us), no the president is not an alien trying to zap our brains. Yes there is a money trail and a hidden agenda, money.

Let’s discuss the heart check program, it’s bullshit. You can simply BUY a “seal of approval”, so when you are seeing that little heart check symbol on a food item you are about to purchase have a little chuckle and put it back on the self. I call it the heart UNhealthy check. Who are the corporate sponsors of the AHA? I’m going to let you google that, you will get a good laugh out of it…cheetos?? really?? Next time you are at the store look for the seal of approval, then look how high the product is in sugar or carbs. Then put it back on the shelf and slowly back away.

Let’s talk about the research (or lack thereof). We look for the key words like “double blind” to help us know the study was a decent study, the problem with this is that nutritional science is flawed. Funding comes from wherever we can get it, meaning government organizations, corporations with an agenda in regards to the outcome and of course that includes the pharmaceutical industry. The data is thrown out and entire studies disregarded when the outcome is not the desired one, that seems legit right?

Another issues with nutrition research is that it is based on data that shows only correlation not causation. Of the latest studies done there has been ZERO evidence to link saturated fat intake to heart disease…So why is the ADA referencing studies from the 1960’s? With all the data out there, much more recent than the data cited in the circulating article, one has to wonder why are they cherry picking… oh wait, follow that money trail.

But what about all that BAD cholesterol? For those who follow me and have seen many of my videos I clarify how LDL is not bad cholesterol and there are more than one type of LDL. We NEED cholesterol for every hormone in our body, so why is it demonized? We aren’t taught to differentiate between larger LDL particles with soft fluffy edges (about as harmful as a kitten) vs small dense particles (which may be cause for concern at certain levels). We know HDL is heart protective but we fail to associate that with the fact that when we consume saturated fat we raise our HDL and with it… we reduce our risk of heart disease, lower our risk of diabetes and other conditions.

If saturated fat such as coconut oil is heart healthy (we just determined that above) then why is it demonized? It’s anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, improves cholesterol and is all around freaking fantastic. But instead we are promoting… margarine? Pufa’s (polyunsaturated fats) such as highly inflammatory Omega 6 are simply NOT supported by data as healthy, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. *cough* money trail??

When I look over the guidelines from the AMA and I see a high amount statins prescribed, in practice it seems that without even testing you are placed on them just for being over the age of 50, how is this a logical treatment plan? Again follow the money trail (a good article to reference a lot of this is here).

When you see the AHA raking in MILLIONS from food companies especially those who pay a high annual price tag to maintain that “heart healthy” stamp on their products, you have to sit back and wonder what the hell is going on.

Perhaps the new guidelines would make sense if these over prescribed statins were actually as effective as their pushers claim. Which they are not, oh and have you checked out the side effects? No thanks!

At the end of the day you need to be your own health advocate. I’m not saying you need to over indulge in fats, too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing. This is a case of knowing what your body requires as an individual. Want to know how well you process and metabolize fats? Why not run a DNA diet panel and find out?