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Holly Warner Health is proud to work with the leading BHRT physicians network both in Canada and in the US. Offering a comprehensive BHRT (bio identical hormone therapy) program which includes:

  • Full evaluation & hormone assessment
  • Comprehensive thyroid panel
  • Lab testing via blood (all hormones, thyroid and urine/saliva options available for adrenal)
  • Clinical nutrition protocols
  • Herbal and supplement protocols for both healing and maintenance
  • Symptom management as well as root cause resolution
  • Follow-up appointments offered at 3, 6, and 9 mths + labs run at each appointment
  • Rx/prescription management
  • Concierge service – Rx delivery direct to your home or office via Express Post (with signature – free delivery anywhere within Canada
  • Customized compounds to accommodate your specific needs such as sensitivities, dietary restrictions like vegan or religious considerations.

Hows that for service?

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