Follow Up to Labs with NP


What is included:

A follow up script with necessary adjustments, supplement changes or additional recommendations.

Follow up labs, less in depth than the first set as we will not need to test for as many items, this is customized based on your initial lab work and session with the NP.

Session with the NP

There is no session with Holly in this package, if you would like to have a full follow up session with Holly as well please follow this link. You will qualify for her discounted existing patient rate for follow ups.

Please note: All sessions are conducted virtually, there are no in clinic sessions. Absolutely NO refunds, cancellation policy available at time of booking. 

Admin fee of $75 is applied, this includes processing labs, referral and intake updates (also any treatment plan adjustments by Holly and follow up) + NP fee $150 (New labs, updated script and session with NP) 


Product Description

This is available only for those who have had a previous session with Holly and also the NP. If you are already following a protocol and are looking to have follow up labs or an adjustment to your script then this is for you.

***Please note: If you have not had a session with both Holly and the nurse practitioner you will not be eligible for this product. You must have an existing script and have run a full Master panel through Holly Warner Health.  If you have not done this please go HERE to select that option.



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