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Stop searching for bandaid solutions, go deeper by getting to the root of what is going on inside your body. Do it naturally. Enjoy the life you were meant to live. Our holistic approach to wellness through functional diagnostics, finds the root cause of your health problems, as we tailor a functional program just for you. You are unique, your answers should be too. Specializing in custom protocols, womens thyroid and hormone balancing, gut health and adrenal dysfunction.

Member of the Trubalance Healthcare Physicians Network for Bioidentical Hormones. 

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Estrogen, How To Detox What You Don’t Need

You have likely either read one of my previous articles or you follow my fb live videos, I like to talk about phase two estrogen detox, the liver and of course the rold our gut health plays. What I don’t often talk about is how important our bile is. Yes we need... read more

Cholesterol Doesn’t Cause Heart Attacks…

Now that I have your attention, and possibly pissed a few MD’s off in the process (oops), let me backup my statement. Heart disease isn’t CAUSED by cholesterol. 70% of heart disease is directly related to the insulin resistance gene. Yet another good... read more

Top Product Picks For 2017

Here are some of my absolute favorites that I have been using in practice this year, from products to supplements and a few reasons why my patients and I love them so much. Liposomal Glutathione: I’m a fan of the one by quicksilver as it seems to be the highest... read more

Why Functional Medicine Is The Future

It’s easy to get confused with all the fancy titles…integrative medicine, alternative medicine, functional medicine, natural medicine…. so which one is right for you and what the helll does it all mean? Functional medicine is the baby of... read more

Why Functional Genomics is The Future of Health

Let’s chat about DNA, functional genomics and why I decided to bring nutraceuticals into my practice. What is the good of decoding your genome if you don’t take action to correct missing genes and variations which can have profound effects on human health? Why... read more

Holly Warner, FDN-P

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Member of the Trubalance Healthcare Physicians Network for Bioidentical Hormones. 

“Give people an environment where their health can flourish instead of being suppressed”.

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