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Stop searching for bandaid solutions, go deeper by getting to the root of what is going on inside your body. Do it naturally. Enjoy the life you were meant to live. Our holistic approach to wellness through functional diagnostics, finds the root cause of your health problems, as we tailor a functional program just for you. You are unique, your answers should be too.

Sunflower Lecithin, a supplement for everyone.

Why do I choose sunflower lecithin? (which comes from sunflowers by the way). It’s a staple in pretty much every basic protocol I have. For both men and women with just about any and all health issues, this is one of those items that everyone should be looking... read more

Cold Water and Weight Loss

Every once in a while I come across an old myth from the fitness industry that makes me chuckle. Someone took a tiny piece of barely accurate info and decided to make something of it. Recently I stumbled upon a classic- the cold water weight loss myth. “Drinking... read more

Resetting Your Digestive Function

We’ve all heard the buzz surrounding gut health, digestion is key and of course how important digestive enzymes are. As much as we are what we eat, we are also what we absorb and also what we digest. But what if we aren’t digesting? Easy! We need to simply... read more

Toss The Fat Burners

In my industry I see it daily, patients come into my office wanting to get off or stay away from pharmaceutical drugs, yet they have a medicine cabinet loaded with supplements. Umm…. whats the difference? We have a one size fits all multi-vitamin (useless), we have... read more

What You Don’t Know Could Poison You

Gluten Free, Rice Free? The Challenge Gluten free, corn free and now rice free? By now we have all heard about being gluten free either by fad, by choice or by necessity. Some of you may also know the dangers of switching to corn, especially GMO corn which can be... read more

Low Thyroid Protocol

What do you do if you feel like you may have low thyroid? It goes missed by so many. You visit your doctor and are told you are “fine”, you are within range… But you know you are NOT fine. Let’s take a peek at a few things you can do to be your... read more

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